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As Secularists we believe that all governmental activities and those of religious organizations should be absolutely separate. This is necessary to prevent the State from championing the belief system of one group of its citizens over those of all its other citizens.

We also hold that all religious beliefs are equally valid and as such their expression must be treated with tolerance and respect.

Who we are:

The Secular Society is a not-for-profit Virginia Corporation organized in 2013 and recognized as such by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Our income, derived from activities on property located in the state of Texas, is devoted to our Projects:

	     Annual	       Total 
2013 $11,718 $11,718 2014 $817,515 $829,233 2015 $1,809,119 $2,638,352 2016 $2,652,560 $5,290,912 2017 $3,173,061 $8,463,973 2018 $2,674,338 $11,138,311 2019 $1,676,105 $12,814,416 2020 $2,305,940 $15,120,356 2021 $6,012,022 $21,132,378

We neither solicit or accept funds from external organizations, governmental agencies, or individuals.

Our Directors, who receive no compensation, are solely responsible for identifying, evaluating, funding and monitoring our Projects. Projects are usually funded for three years, are rarely extended for additional years but can be terminated for non-performance at any time.

Unsolicited Project proposals are not accepted.

The Secular Society has no employees and does not engage in any political or religious activities.

Make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.
–Thomas Jefferson