TSS Logo Advancing the Interests of Women and the Arts
in Virginia and Beyond

Whose education we support:

Canada – A Woman photojournalist

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – A Woman studying in an American community college

Italy – A Woman sculptor/painter/poet

Republic of Kenya – Twelve Girls at the Eskenlei Girls Boarding Primary School

Republic of Madagascar – Nine Girls and one Boy studying in Catholic or French primary schools
                  – A Woman dental student

Republic of Mali – A Girl studying in a French secondary school

Togolese Republic – A Woman pursuing an immunology PhD in Paris

United States of America - A Woman undergraduate studying at an American university

We focus on the education of Girls/Women by providing tuition/fees and where needed uniforms, books, supplies, and living expense as long as the student is academically successful and committed to continue their education.

Women and girls has been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.
–Jimmy Carter