TSS Logo Advancing the Interests of Women and the Arts
in Virginia and Beyond

Whose education we support:

We focus on the education of Girls/Women by providing tuition/fees and where needed uniforms, books, supplies, and living expense as long as the student is academically successful and committed to continue their education.

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal – Woman studying at an American college

Republic of Iraq – Woman pursuing a correspondence degree

Republic of Kenya – Fifteen Girls in Primary/Secondary Boarding Schools
                              – Woman studying in a Medical School
                              – Girl studying at an International Primary School

Republic of Madagascar – Twelve Girls and two Boys studying in Catholic/French Primary/Secondary schools
                                        – One Woman studying Law at University

Republic of Pakistan – Two Women studying at Pakistan Universities
                                  – Two Women studying at an American College

United States of America – Woman pursuing Doctorate in Music Education
                                          – Woman pursuing MFA in Creative Writing

Professionals we support:

Kenya – Woman investigative journalist

Togolese Republic – Woman PhD at Pasteur Institute, Paris

United States – Woman soprano classical
                       – Woman writer

Women and girls has been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.
–Jimmy Carter